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Questions about CashPass Network

▫   Who is CashPass Network?
▫   Who are CashPass Network customers?
▫   What bank network or partner access is available?
▫   Which bank issues the CashPass card?
▫   Is the card account insured by the FDIC?
▫   What type of fraud detection does CashPass employ?

Questions about the CashPass Website

▫   How secure is my card account information?
▫   Which browser works best with your website?

General Questions about CashPass

▫   Do I need good credit to qualify for a CashPass card?
▫   Do I need to have a checking account to get a CashPass card?
▫   Who can enroll for a CashPass card?
▫   Can I enroll using a business name?
▫   Where can I get a CashPass card?
▫   How long will it take to get my CashPass card?
▫   Can I have multiple cards?

Questions about the CashPass card

▫   When does my CashPass card expire?
▫   Do I have to pay extra to receive my personalized card?
▫   Where can I use my CashPass Prepaid MasterCard Card?
▫   How do I make a purchase with my CashPass Prepaid MasterCard Card?
▫   Can I print and use checks against this card account?
▫   Can I use my CashPass card to gamble online?
▫   My card has been suspended due to negative balance, how can I get it re-activated?
▫   How do I add cash to my CashPass card?
▫   Can I load money from my checking account to my CashPass card?
▫   How soon will my direct deposit be available?

Questions about limits of CashPass card

▫  Are there any daily limits on the ATM and POS (merchant) dollar amounts or number of

▫   What is the minimum and maximum amount of money that I can put on my CashPass card?
▫   Do I need to keep minimum balance on my CashPass card?

More Questions about CashPass and the CashPass card

▫   Do I have a personal identification number (PIN)?
▫   How can I withdraw "odd amounts" from my CashPass card?
▫  Why is my PIN not working?
▫   How do I view my card account activity?
▫   How do I notify CashPass with a change of address?
▫   What happens if my CashPass card is lost or stolen?
▫   What security measures are available for lost or stolen cards?
▫   How much does it cost to set up an card account?
▫   Does CashPass charge a fee for card account termination?
▫   What types of fees are assessed by "out of network" or "foreign" ATMs?
▫   What are the fees associated with my CashPass Prepaid MasterCard Card?
▫   Can I upgrade to a different fee structure at some point?
▫  When I swipe my card at a gas pump I get charged $30.00 even if I only pump $10.00 worth
       of gas. Why?

▫  I returned a purchase I made using my CashPass card, how long does it take for the funds
       to go back on my card?

▫   What do I do if an ATM does not give me the total amount of my withdrawal, but says it did?
▫   I attempted to make a purchase with my CashPass card and was denied but I have been
        charged for the purchase or I simply did not authorize a transaction that is on my card account.
        What do I do?

▫  A merchant has authorized my card without my permission do I contact the store where I
      purchased my CashPass card?

▫  My CashPass card is denied at merchants and ATM's but I know I have funds on my card,
       what do I do?

▫   How do I use my CashPass card as calling card?

Questions about Click-n-Pay

▫   What is Click-n-Pay?
▫   How do I use Click-n-Pay?
▫   Which bills can I pay using Click-n-Pay?
▫   How much does it cost to use Click-n-Pay?