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Cashpass is FDIC Insured and Features Fraud Protection!

That means more financial security and freedom for YOU! Did you know that Cashpass is armed with Fraud Protection and is FDIC Insured? You'll receive text and email alerts on all purchases to protect you from unauthorized transactions... Your Cashpass Card is FDIC insured up to $250,000! Protect your identity and bank account information with a Cashpass Prepaid card today!  [...]

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A CashPass Non-Profit Fundraising Card – What is it???

What is a Non-Profit Fundraising Card? Non-Profit CashPass cards are prepaid and reloadable cards, designed for non-profit fundraising. Individuals and families can enroll for the card program and support your organization. Our Fundraising card is integrated into everyday life spending with the power of Visa. CLICK HERE to get started today!

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