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What is a Non-Profit Fundraising Card?

Non-Profit Cashpass cards are prepaid, reloadable cards designed for non-profit fundraising. Individuals and families can enroll for the card program and support your organization. Our Fundraising card is integrated into everyday life spending with the power of Visa.

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How It Works:


  • Your supporters are your backers for the life of the card.  Families can contribute to your cause with the use of our companion card!
  • No selling random, unwanted, overpriced “stuff” to family and friends.
  • Earnings add up fast! It’s easy for a single family to generate $600-$1000 or more per year in donations to your company.
  • Every day family purchases become every day support for organization.
  • Families are motivated and engaged with the program.
  • Individuals and families have the everyday benefit of pre­paid cards to support your organization.
  • More options than a gift card or script program. Program with no limitations on where to spend.
  • Higher fundraising levels
  • Easy to implement & no upfront cost.

How it works:

  • Complete our Get Started
  • You will be contacted by our staffing & Payroll expert
  • Custom fit a program the meets your needs
What Your Customers Get:

The CashPass card is a reloadable Visa prepaid Visa debit card that helps you spend the smart way by using your own money. Cash­pass GPR cards have emerged as a viable financial option for a broad spectrum of customers.  Non-profit cards with companion cards allows for families to contribute to your cause with budgeting and allowances for the family. This is not a credit card, traditional bank or script type program.

How does it work for my organization?

Religious Centers

Supplement individuals and family’s weekly contributions with a non-profit card. Families and individuals can support missions and outreach with the earnings of a Cashpass non-profit card.


Use the program to allow families and donors to support special events, field trips, new equipment and supplies for teachers. Families can even keep a percentage of earnings and put it towards children’s tuition.

Nonprofit Organization

Cashpass Prepaid Debit is an effective way to raise money for any organization. No matter your cause, a Cashpass program can be custom tailored to fit your fundraising goals. Our Program is an easy way to cut costs of fundraising for any organization.

Sport Teams

Supplement individuals and family’s weekly contributions with a non-profit card. Families and individuals can support the team with all of these purchases.

Band and Music

CashPass can assist students with the cost of lessons, instruments and competitions.

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