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CashPass Premium Visa Prepaid Card Distributor Program (GPR)
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What is a General Purpose CashPass Prepaid Visa Card (GPR)?

The CashPass card is a reloadable Prepaid Visa card that helps you spend the smart way by using your own money. Cash­Pass GPR cards have emerged as a viable financial option for a broad spectrum of customers. CashPass Prepaid Visa cards are increasingly used by consumers already in the financial mainstream, especially Gen Y and Millennials who aren’t drawn to traditional banks with branches and products with fees and want a better way to save, manage and spend their money.

Who Uses the CashPass Visa Prepaid (GPR) Card?

  • People who prefer non-traditional banking
  • People who prefer spending with­out the debt of credit cards
  • Cost in many cases can be less compared to a traditional bank
  • Travelers who benefit from fraud protection without linking their bank account
  • People who want an easy and additional way to manage their finances

How It Works:

CashPass is easy to implement and simple to use.  Providing a valuable cash management tool for your business and a welcome solution for your customers.

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  • You will be contacted by our Distributor Expert
  • We will custom design a program to fit your needs
Why Becoming a Distributor is a Smart Business Choice?

Commission Opportunities.  Earn Immediate & Long Term Revenue from:

  • Activation
  • Monthly Fees
  • Transaction & Load Fees
What do your customers or employees get?
Our Virtual Terminal Management Tool:
  • Easy to use, web-based platform
  • Activate instant-issue cards
  • Load funds
  • No integration needed
  • API capabilities are available
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